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Hop on to the Battle Wizards academy! This local multiplayer game of explosive action will have you throwing fireballs, summoning fiery dragons and striking lightning at your friends. Journey through the different levels as you unlock the spells in a gradual learning experience.

In the game, collect the appearing spells before your opponents can and unleash their devastating powers! But be mindful of your aim, as each spell can only be cast once when picked up. Reduce your opponents respawns to zero with wild combinations of spells to prove yourself the best wizard of them all.

With a simple control scheme, the game is easy to pick up while still providing many chances to show your skills and outplay your opponents. May the best wizard win!


  • 24 unique, crazy spells to launch at your friends
  • 10 levels, each with their own feeling  and gameplay
  • Ability to customise the spell selection, creating specific exciting scenarios 
  • Interactive tutorial with master wizard Ukkonen
  • A challenge from the aforementioned teacher to the most diligent students...


  • One player can use the keyboard and the rest controllers, or all players can play with controllers (recommended)
  • Xbox and playstation controllers should work natively. Try to emulate these with other controllers in case they don't automatically work as expected
  • Keyboard controls are rebindable

Estimated minimum system requirements

  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel i5 or better processor
  • GPU with at least 1024 MB video memory
  • 32 bit systems not supported

 Like the soundtrack of the game? Support the composer by getting it here!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

battlewizards-windows.zip 145 MB
Version 1
battlewizards-mac.zip 183 MB
Version 1
battlewizards-linux.zip 156 MB
Version 1

Download demo

battlewizards-windows-demo.zip 145 MB
Version 1
battlewizards-mac-demo.zip 183 MB
Version 1
battlewizards-linux-demo.zip 156 MB
Version 1

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Really Fun Game!!

Glad to hear it =)


Looks super impressive \o/ Congrats on the demo!

Definitely starting to feel like a complete game now!


Cool game, Arsi!