The last steps

Hello fellows! Last week, I had my last playtest of Battle Wizards with full 4 players setup. It was a total blast! From the collected footage, the final trailer was created. Check it out here 

I thought the game was more or less completely finished before the last test, but some more eye opening feedback made me make a bunch of changes and improvements! From a change to the powerup system after you have unlocked everything in the game, few meaningful clarity improvements and a whole lot of bugfixes the game definitely feels very ready for launch now, which is in 2 weeks. Only thing missing is a couple more tracks from my composer; after I receive final version of the second battle track, I will also update the demos to be up to date with the current build. Most likely later this week!

That's it for now! Thanks for taking a look, hope to see you on the academy at launch.

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